Plantation Shutters in style in Long Island

One of the biggest selling points of plantation shutters is their sleek, timeless design. This means they will not date as interior design tastes change. It also means that they suit most house styles, from rustic and traditional through to contemporary and minimal. 

As plantation shutters are also visible from outside the property, they can also improve a house’s overall appeal, all while protecting the privacy of the residents. 

Improved Airflow

When they are open they provide maximum airflow through your bathroom.

The open shutters will help to keep your bathroom cool during warmer periods of the year. When closed, they can block out light and noise from the outside world and keep heat in during the cooler months.

Lower Power Bills

There’s no need to turn on an additional fan, which means you’ll be saving money on power bills.

Plantation shutters can make your house more secure

For most homes, windows are the easiest way for someone to illegally enter. Plantation shutters can help minimise this risk by providing an additional physical barrier and can be customized to include a locking system, to make them even harder to breakthrough. In fact, the impact on home security is so significant that some insurance companies offer lower premiums for houses with plantation shutters installed. 

Disadvantages with Plantation Shutters:


If you’re looking for privacy within your bathroom, make sure that there is a way to cover up the slats which may lead others into seeing what’s going on behind closed doors!


They will start getting condensation build-up over time due to humidity so it’s important not only take this into account when purchasing them as well as before installing them if possible.


The downside is that households with children may find them hard to clean. If you have small kids, it might be worth giving them a regular wipe over when you clean the bathroom, as they will accumulate dust.

In many cases they are not easy to clean because there are slats near most surfaces including windowsills and benchtops – so make sure you’re prepared to buy a duster / squeegee on a pole before installing them!

In summary

We love the look of plantation shutters, but remember to keep them clean with a regular wipe-over – they provide maximum airflow during warmer periods of the year with no need for an additional fan and may make your property more secure.

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