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We offer professional consultation at an initial meeting where we will survey your space and discuss interior design options to turn your dream into reality. We also provide free estimates so you know exactly what the work will cost from beginning to end. The following are some of our services:

· Custom cabinetry in Long Island
· Kitchen countertops and sinks installation in Long Island
· Bathroom tubs, shower-bathtubs and vanities in Long Island
· Kitchen remodeling service

We carry a wide selection of styles from around the world. Whether you want something simple or something extravagant we will make it happen: antique brass finishes, granite tops or contemporary designs.

Call us today to begin planning your new bathroom!
We can take care of everything from installing a faucet to replacing the sink and the countertop!
Let our experienced plumbing team help you with all your needs.



December 3, 2021
How to remodel a small bathroom to create a larger area

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home. It can also be one of the smallest, and that's where remodeling comes into play. Bathroom remodels are a great way to create more space, update outdated fixtures, and add style. There are many different options for bathroom remodels, such as adding a […]

September 10, 2021
Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas You Can't Live Without

Have you ever wanted to relax in your outdoor bathroom after a long day at work? There are many reasons why outdoor bathrooms are great for homeowners, but one of the most important is that outdoor spaces provide a sense of serenity and peace. If this sounds like something that could benefit your lifestyle, then […]

August 6, 2021
Plantation Shutters in style in Long Island

One of the biggest selling points of plantation shutters is their sleek, timeless design. This means they will not date as interior design tastes change. It also means that they suit most house styles, from rustic and traditional through to contemporary and minimal.  As plantation shutters are also visible from outside the property, they can […]

August 6, 2021
Bathroom Renovation cost breakdown under $13,000

Interested in renovating your bathroom? Confused about how the cost breakdown works under $13,000?  We also outline 8 steps that will help you avoid spending more than your budget.   When planning a bathroom renovation, you need to factor in the various skilled tradesmen involved in your work, any licenses that need to be applied for, […]

About Us

We are a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeling company specializing in renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bedrooms, finished attics. Based on the New York/Long Island area we offer expert advice for kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes. We can handle any job from small projects such as replacing a sink or bathroom fixtures to entire residences that need renovation work done.

With many years of experience in our field, you can be assured that Long Island Kitchen and Bath Remodeling can complete any project whether it be a renovation or building a new home on time, budget and with no surprises.


Not necessarily. It’s entirely up to you if you wish to be there or not, but we can carry out the renovations without your availability. In fact, you may prefer to be away while the renovation takes place. The team will be fully supervised during the renovation and your home and privacy respected.
You can start by getting a good idea for the type of look and style you want. If you don’t know yet, look at some magazines, websites, or watch some home remodeling shows to get some design ideas. Then, contact us for a Free Design Consultation with us. You will be instructed as to what exact steps you need to take. But, generally speaking, before construction begins, you’ll want to clear out the area being worked on of all your personal belongings that can be removed. Although we cover the areas surrounding our work area, you’ll want to protect your furniture from dust with plastic and/or sheets.
Renovating your bathroom is less invasive than a home makeover. You may replace a sink or bathtub, but your changes are modest. Remodeling occurs when you plan to get rid of virtually everything.

Renovations are a comparatively light home improvement. They involve surface level adjustments, such as fresh paint or new flooring. During a bathroom renovation, you may utterly change the room’s look and feel, but you won’t be changing the room functionality or physical structure.

Major changes to the bathroom’s functionality and/or structure would be part of a bathroom remodel. The remodeling process affects the major aspects of a room in major ways. During a bathroom remodel, you might rework the plumbing or move a wall, after which point you could also make those smaller changes that we identified as belonging in the renovation category, like a new paint job.

Even if you complete renovative tasks during your project, it’s still considered a bathroom remodel because it will have changed key functional aspects of the room.
You can complete renovations that don’t involve plumbing, rewiring, or tiling in as little as two days. Even a significant change should take no more than a week, if all the materials are onsite.

The length of time for remodeling varies, depending on the number of people on the construction crew and the size of the bathroom. They’ll need to spend a day on demolition, a day on electrical wiring and plumbing, and another day on new insulation and drywall.
Behind-the-scenes changes alone require at least three days, twice that if you do it yourself. A reasonable expectation for the complete overhaul of an average-sized bathroom is two weeks. Expect longer if you prefer bathroom equipment and materials that need to be ordered in specially (as they are not in stock with your retailer).
Create design
Select materials
Order materials
Sub flooring
Floor tile installation
Vanity mirror
Electric wiring
Light fixtures
Deliver materials
Wall preparation
Wall tile installation
Plumbing fixture
Touch up and
The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on many factors. For example, will the renovation involve structural changes, the type and quality of accessories and finishes selected, will plumbing need to be installed or plumbing fixtures moved, will you be supplying your own tiles and finishes or do you require a fully inclusive package?

These are just some of the many issues to be considered. On average, though, a complete bathroom makeover usually costs between $14,999 and $25,000 for the mid range. The best way to determine cost is to have us provide a free site visit and quote. There is no obligation to use our service.
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