Bathroom Remodeling

When you are ready to upgrade your old or outdated bathroom, there are many things to be considered. This is a major project and requires careful planning and professional help before making decisions on design and appliances that will affect the functionality of your bathroom for years into the future.

There are generally three options when you decide to remodel your bathroom: doing it yourself, hiring contractors to do the work or obtaining a home improvement loan to cover costs. All have advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, convenience, time involved and control over the final product.

The bathroom itself is the most expensive remodeling project in your house. Most bathroom projects cost between $3,000 and $5,000 to complete. The final price will vary depending on the scope of work involved and the size of your bathroom. For instance, a basic bathroom floor replacement project might cost $2,500 while an elaborate tile shower and glass enclosure can easily cost $25,000.

Most bathroom remodelers will provide estimates based on the following factors:

* bathroom size (square footage)

* bathroom fixtures to be replaced or added (shower stalls and tubs, bathroom sinks, cabinets)

* bathroom accessories such as towel racks, storage cabinets and medicine chests

* bathroom remodeling costs vary with bathroom size and the number of bathroom fixtures to be replaced or added

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Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a major makeover that greatly alters the bathroom's layout or functionality. It may involve relocating plumbing lines, creating an entirely newspace, removing and replacing walls between adjoining rooms or expanding the floor area by adding on to your bathroom.

It all depends on what bathroom design you want to achieve. Depending on how much you want to spend, our bathroom remodeling contractors can guide you through the process of bathroom design and planning.

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