Kitchen Remodeling

When you are ready to upgrade your old or outdated kitchen, there are many things to be considered. This is a major project and requires careful planning and professional help before making decisions on design and appliances that will affect the functionality of your kitchen for years into the future.

There are generally three options when you decide to remodel your kitchen: doing it yourself, hiring contractors to do the work or obtaining a home improvement loan to cover costs. All have advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, convenience, time involved and control over the final product. We will look at options 2 & 3.

A kitchen remodel is when you upgrade one or more parts of your kitchen while retaining the basic layout and functionality. It may involve reconfiguring existing cabinets, updating countertops or replacing outdated appliances with new ones. This approach is less disruptive than a kitchen renovation because it does not change the main structure of the room.

A kitchen enhancement involves making changes to enhance the appearance of your kitchen without drastically altering its layout, function or design - like painting the walls with contrasting paint colors, for example.

In planning kitchen upgrades it is helpful to understand that different kitchen designers use different nomenclature when describing various kitchen designs and ideas:

There is kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation which refer to kitchen upgrades that involve a major kitchen makeover - and usually an expansion, as in removing walls or adding on to the kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a major kitchen makeover that greatly alters the kitchen's layout or functionality. It may involve relocating kitchen plumbing lines, creating an entirely new kitchen space, removing and replacing walls between adjoining rooms or expanding the cooking area by adding on to your kitchen.

It could be as simple as painting your kitchen cabinets to trying new material for countertops (like surface-mounted tiles), installing new appliances – such as refrigerator drawers, induction cooktop, cooking hoods or ice makers - custom cabinetry in any part of the room – including outfitting drawers with dividers made from upholstered panels on tracks.

It all depends on what kitchen design you want to achieve. Depending on how much you want to spend, our kitchen remodeling contractors can guide you through the process of kitchen design and kitchen planning.

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