Bathroom Renovation cost breakdown under $13,000

Interested in renovating your bathroom? Confused about how the cost breakdown works under $13,000?  We also outline 8 steps that will help you avoid spending more than your budget.  

When planning a bathroom renovation, you need to factor in the various skilled tradesmen involved in your work, any licenses that need to be applied for, plus the actual bathroom demolition costs, materials and they will all contribute to the cost of a bathroom renovation. It is very simplistic to think about a cost per square metre and want to apply it to your bathroom. If you have previously received a quote from another tradesperson, who estimated a price per metre, then be careful as you cannot use this as an indication about how much you should expect to pay. 

Average Costs

Just say that the average bathroom renovation in the USA is around $13K, the breakdown for the main bathroom would look something like this:

$2000 Tiles

$1250 Waterproofing

$750 Bath

$900 Shower Screen

$1000 Vanity

$240 Taps, Mixers, Wastes

$140 Accessories (towel rails and hooks, etc.)

$200 Lights and Exhaust Fan

$500 Electrician

$2000 Plumber

$600 Carpenter

$700 Plasterer

$2900 Tiler

This breakdown helps you understand the jobs that need to be considered. Obviously the size of the bathroom,  also affects the overall total cost of the job. 

Of course, costs will increase if you have work that needs to be undertaken first before starting the renovation. It’s a good starting point to start to plan. 

Tips to reduce your costs on materials

Here are our tips to reduce your costs on materials and work with us to get a result you are happy with.

1) Shop around for a good deal on materials- try going to home improvement stores or looking online for deals and coupons. You can also get a quote from our experts before buying anything so you know what you’re getting into.

2) Make sure to buy quality products that last longer than cheaper alternatives- this way, if something breaks down within 5 years (like your toilet), you won’t have to spend as much money fixing it.

3) Highlight any necessary repairs during our onsite visit so we can get onto them before starting the renovation- we look for things like leaky taps and clogged drains anyway but like to know in advance about problems you are aware of.

4) Taken care of the necessities? Good! Now it’s time for a bathroom design plan:

-Use an old picture or sketch as inspiration, then spend some quality time in your current space figuring out how much storage is needed, what fixtures should go where (sink vs bathtub), etc. Sketching out a floor plan can help with this step.

-Find layout ideas by looking at pictures online that show your desired style or if you don’t have any specific preferences try using Pinterest boards from other people who have done their own DIY projects on bathrooms like yours. You’ll find everything from inspirational photographs to instructions on certain tasks like installing fixtures.

If you are considering moving plumbing fixtures from one side of the room to another, note that it can add $$ onto the job. 

5) Decide on your budget. Hopefully, you have a rough idea of what the process will cost and how much money is available to spend on it. Write down this number as well as anything else that will be needed (such as paint, fixtures or new flooring).

6) Set up an appointment with us so we can ensure everything fits together properly from start to finish. Our qualified professionals can also tell you if there are any other problems with the walls or pipes behind tiles that would require them being removed first which might affect your budget even more than anticipated.

7) Go through all of the measurements one last time to double-check that everything is the way it should be. If not, now is the time to make adjustments before any work begins.

8) We’ll provide you with a detailed quote and timeline of when we can do this project for you as well as what materials are required (e.g., paint or fixtures).

Once your quote has been confirmed and you engage us, our team will deliver you a bathroom renovation that will be a delight to use and be an asset to you for many years to come! We will always try to find a solution that’s within your price range so at anytime throughout this process.

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