How to remodel a small bathroom to create a larger area

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home. It can also be one of the smallest, and that's where remodeling comes into play. Bathroom remodels are a great way to create more space, update outdated fixtures, and add style. There are many different options for bathroom remodels, such as adding a shower or bathtub, installing new tile or flooring, or replacing old toilets and sinks with more recent models. Here we will talk about how you can makeover your small bathroom to make it feel larger.

Do you live in a small apartment or home with a tiny bathroom?

It can be challenging to fit all of your necessities into such a small space. But don’t worry, we have some great tips that will help you create the spa-like retreat you deserve!

You won’t believe how easy it is to transform your cramped, tiny bathroom into an oasis. All it takes are these simple steps, and before long, you’ll be enjoying the luxury of having more room in your bathroom. Now there's no reason not to treat yourself after a hard day at work.

For small bathroom remodeling

A small bath needs a sink, toilet, and tub/shower combo or luxury shower enclosure. In this layout, we'll also include extra space for washing your hands after using the restroom, perfect for doing in private instead of right outside where everyone can see what you're doing!

The size is 5' x 8', or 40 square feet. In a small house, this is the most common size for a guest bath or a master bath. There are two layout options if you have this standard-sized. Depending on your requirements, you can have a sink, toilet, tub-shower combo, or a luxury shower with multiple heads. You'll have plenty of space to towel off regardless of which option you choose. Typically, all three fixtures are lined up along a long wall to make plumbing and installation easier. For this design, door placement is unimportant. However, you may want to conceal your toilet for aesthetic reasons.

For a 3/4 small bathroom remodel

With a 3/4-sized bathroom, you have everything that's needed for your everyday life. A sink and toilet are included in this design, but additional features like showers make it perfect too!

A 6' x 6' or 36-square-foot bathroom is the minimum size for a full bath. However, it's easier if you create one that has 34 of open space because this will make your room feel more spacious and not cramped with all the dimension limitations; like tubs take up too much room, while large-size fixtures can also impair how small they seem in comparison to other spaces around them (especially next door). By positioning either vanity unit near corners with no walls exposed between rooms, such as at the toilet side, your bathroom will look spacious.

For a Small Space with a Separate Tub and Shower

The layout makes use of all available space to accommodate both privacy needs and comfort, which is why we recommend it for those with shorter legs or disabilities!

It has a size of 9' X 5', or 45 square feet. Although a tub and shower like this are not ideal, with some planning, they can be accommodated! You must have both open spaces for moving around and enough space on either side, so there are no obstructed accessways or doorways when they are closed up. At least 33 inches is appropriate given how close these doors are ( in whatever direction works).

Your choice between swinging doors versus pocket or barn models will depend mainly upon what aesthetic preferences someone might have--swingy ones tend to be more forgiving about odd angles.

Renovation of a Narrow Bathroom

A narrow bathroom layout is perfect for those who want to save space. With just enough room left, you can easily install a sink and toilet or even stow away your vanity!

The size is 3' x 9', or 27 square feet, about the average height for a half bath. A smaller space means that you have to make the best of what little room there is, but with creativity and resourcefulness, it can be done! You might also want to consider purchasing prefabricated wall cabinets or even double-decker ones, which are very compact yet provide plenty of storage room.

If you want to get even more creative, forget about the traditional sink and toilet room combo. You can install a wall-hung or console-style vanity instead that holds both units in one unit! This is also great for narrow spaces since it provides a high area on top, so you don't have any storage drawers blocking your path, which helps to ensure you can get by without issue.

Advantages to Hiring Long Island Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Professionals

There are several reasons why you should hire an expert to complete your bathroom renovation.

  • They have the skills and knowledge to get it done right quickly, so there's no waiting around for weeks on end. Plus, they know what bathroom fixtures work best in specific spaces, which can be hard to figure out if you've never dealt with a complete renovation of your bathroom before.
  • The Long Island Bathroom Remodeling experts can help you with all your bathroom renovation needs, whether a complete bathroom or even just the powder room! It's always best to hire professionals for these types of projects rather than trying to DIY because they're knowledgeable about industry standards, proper installation techniques, and safety precautions, which will ultimately save you money and time in the end.
  • Only professionals know how to properly remodel your existing bathrooms into beautiful bathrooms that are comfortable, efficient, and attractive. You won't have to worry about any bathroom remodeling issues with a professional bathroom remodeler by your side.


We hope these tips will help you find the spa-like retreat you deserve in your entire bathroom. For more information on creating a luxurious, spacious space that can be used for relaxation or as an oasis from everyday life, please contact us today! We would love to hear about what is working for you and share any additional ideas we may have.

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