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Long Island Kitchen & Bath is well known for the quality and craftsmanship that is put into each remodeling project.

Throughout Long Island and New York, Long Island Kitchen & bath is your comprehensive kitchen and bath resource destination. Our design team is available to help you with creating the kitchen and bath design you have always envisioned.

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Your kitchen and bath updates will undoubtedly be the largest projects that you will undertake in your home. But they can also be the most rewarding.

In the case of kitchens and baths, proper sizing, ordering and installation are just as important as the products’ quality and style. We take responsibility for our clients’ ultimate satisfaction, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

The best way to begin the journey of kitchen and bath remodeling is to visit our beautiful showroom. You will be able to see many of the products that we offer and speak with a designer. At that point, we can discuss your project, help with budgeting and possibly set an appointment to visit your home. The next step is a return visit to our design center to review plans, choose products and receive a more educated quote.

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The best marketing for us is our customer reviews and what they have to say about us.

What our customers are saying...

We would like to thank you and the kitchen and bath team for our dream kitchen. The design you created was magnificent and took into account all of the elements we were looking for. We have received nothing but compliments on the design!

— The Brennans, Manhasset, NY

We would like to thank you and your crews for the wonderful work you have done on our bathrooms and kitchen over the last two years. Your crew was neat, polite and did great work. Our kitchen is fabulous and we appreciate the attention to detail that you gave it. It has been a pleasure working with you.

— The Lafferty Family, Syosset, NY

Our Bathroom is a delight, both beautiful and practical. The cabinetry that you designed is, of course, the highlight. In short, I love it!

— The Holcombe Family, Merrick, NY

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate the beautiful job that you and your on-site staff did on our bathroom. First, we were so impressed with the creativity and practicality of the design. We were also impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the workers who came to our house.

— The Stahl Family, Lake Grove, NY



Cabinet Styles

Please browse the many different door styles we offer. Each door comes in many different finishes and wood types.

Door Style: Amesbury
Wood Species: Rustic Hickory
Stain: Mesquite


Door Style: Cafe
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Sage


Door Style: Churchill
Wood Species: Rustic Alder
Stain: Natural with Brown Glaze


Door Style: Cottage
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Mocha


Door Style: Crossland
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Merlot


Door Style: Cumberland
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Merlot


Door Style: Eclipse
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Hazelnut with Brown Glaze


Door Style: Fairfield
Wood Species: Rustic Alder
Stain: Mocha


Door Style: Fairhaven
Wood Species: Rustic Alder
Stain: Bisque


Door Style: Glendale
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Natural


Door Style: Hamilton
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Hazelnut


Door Style: Hanover
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Autumn Haze with Brown Glaze


Door Style: Heartland Inset
Wood Species: Hickory
Stain: Amber

Heartland Inset

Door Style: Lasalle
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Oatmeal


Door Style: Lincoln
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Autumn Haze


Door Style: Madrid
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Barley


Door Style: Marquis
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Autumn Haze with Brown


Door Style: Meadowview
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Hazelnut with Brown Glaze


Door Style: Monaco
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Mattoon with Brown Glaze


Door Style: Neoga Ridge
Wood Species: Hickory
Stain: Natural

Neoga Ridge/h4>

Door Style: Neoga Ridge
Wood Species: Rustic Alder
Stain: Natural

Neoga Ridge

Door Style: Newport
Wood Species: Red Oak
Stain: Natural


Door Style: Plainfield
Wood Species: Lyptus
Stain: Hazelnut


Door Style: Prairie
Wood Species: Red Oak
Stain: Hazelnut


Door Style: Ramsey
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Sorrel


Door Style: Sardinia
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Hazelnut


Door Style: Saxony
Wood Species: Cherry
Stain: Cherry


Door Style: Shaker
Wood Species: Walnut
Stain: Natural


Door Style: Shaker Medium
Wood Species: Quarter Sawn White Oak
Stain: Autumn Haze

Shaker Medium

Door Style: Sheldon
Wood Species: Lyptus
Stain: Natural


Door Style: Summit
Wood Species: Red Oak
Stain: Amber


Door Style: Sunrise
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Safari


Door Style: Thompson
Wood Species: Red Birch
Stain: Natural


Door Style: Valetta
Wood Species: Red Oak
Stain: Frost


Door Style: Verona
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Parchment


Door Style: Wabash Beaded Inset
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Natural with Ebony Glaze

Wabash Beaded Inset

Door Style: Wide Rail Shaker
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Natural

Wide Rail Shaker

Door Style: Woodridge
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Landmark


Door Style: Zenith
Wood Species: Maple
Stain: Sunset


Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I find a good contractor?

Start with recommendations from friends and family. But dont stop there - you always want to check pricing from at least 3 sources. Ask for license and insurance information. Check the license info with the local consumer affairs. Did you know that if you deal with an unlicensed contractor, Consumer affairs has almost no power to help you? They can suspend or even revoke a licensed contractors privileges to work in that county, and they have a restitution fund to help people who lost money or suffered property damage.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

That depends, what is the scope of the project, are we removing bearing walls, changing window positions, or just replacing the kitchen as is? A simple remodel could take as little as two weeks, a complex one could last much longer. Here on Long Island, the average is four to six weeks for a complete gut job to the studs.

What is the difference between a framed cabinet and frameless cabinets?

Framed cabinets have a small wooden frame on the front of the cabinet, attached to this is where the door gets mounted. This style is losing some popularity in favor of the frameless style. A frameless cabinet has a door that mounts to the side of the cabinet, leaving full access to the contents inside . So which one is better? It really has more to do with personal taste. One is no better structurally than the other. Pick your doors and moldings, everything else will fall in line.

Whats the big deal about hardware?

I know its boring to stop and talk about hardware, when you are picking out these gorgeous cabinets , but in 3 years, if your drawers and doors are falling off, the money you saved will cost you. As a cabinetmaker on Long Island, I know that some drawer slides cost five dollars, and some cost forty five dollars. the more expensive ones close softly, and stay smooth for years. The cheap ones have plastic wheels riding in a groove; put fifteen to twenty pounds of cutlery in there, and you will have a problem, no doubt about it.

I can save a lot of money on cabinets at the big box store, right?

Ahem—well maybe you can, but these are some of the discrepancies I have seen. Mistakes from novice kitchen designers. Giving pricing without crown moldings, light rails and decorative items, or using much smaller moldings to bring the price lower. You think you have a good price until you add these back into the mix Switching the cabinet boxes to be made of flake board instead of real plywood you can save from 10 to 20 percent, but one flood under you sink, or the dishwasher gets a leak, and the cabinet will swell and the finish will flake off. I am not knocking the big box stores, just do your homework, and make sure you get what you ask for.

What color should my cabinets be?

Did you really just ask me that ? Well my usual answer is go ask your wife. But pun aside there are some things you should know about a painted finish verses a clear wood finish. A clear wood finish is usually more durable than a painted finish. A painted finish on a wood door will eventually develop small cracks where the door is joined together—nothing severe, but it will happen. On light color painted finishes, if you get a spill, wipe it up to keep from possible staining. Certain woods, with a clear finish will change to a darker color when exposed to the sun. Again these are not reasons to redesign your kitchen but they should be considered.

Am I saving money with a formica counter top?

Well initially, yes. But as in any project, it is also wise to consider the increase in the value of your home. Which is better for resale? A granite top or formica? which shows better? After pumping thousands of dollars into a remodeling project, it is my opinion that the savings would be limited, compared to you return on your investment

Whats the difference between marble, granite, and man made (quartz) stone?

Marble is a soft stone, that has very unique, beautiful patterns and grain to it. You can stain it if not careful, even if it is sealed. I wouldn't use it where a lot of greasy cooking is going on, or in a bathroom, where you might have oily hair products.

Granite is harder than marble, but can also stain if you’re not careful. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns.

Man made stone (Silestone, Caesar stone, Cambria) is composed of ground quartz and an epoxy resin mixture. This is formed, heated,and put under tons of pressure. The patterns are usually more uniform. But the colors can be spectacular, purples, bright orange and of course more subdued tones as well.

The makers and salesmen of quartz counter tops like to infer that granite and marble are breeding grounds for bacteria, unlike their product, but in over twenty years I have never heard of a problem like that stemming from the choice of counter top.

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